Anti-counterfeiting traceabili

NFC coffee machine accessories anti-counterfeiting solution

1. Background of the program:
To prevent consumers from buying counterfeit goods, carry out brand anti-counterfeiting protection. The application of anti-counterfeiting labels for coffee machine accessories reduces the number of counterfeit and shoddy products, can check the authenticity, and combat counterfeit and shoddy products. Products use NFC anti-counterfeiting labels to determine the authenticity of coffee machine accessories. Consumers can verify the authenticity by tapping the NFC anti-counterfeiting label on the coffee machine accessories. Manufacturers can effectively prevent traceability, supervision, and anti-smuggling, and improve consumer experience. Anti-counterfeiting labels play a vital role in preventing counterfeit goods from entering the market.
When consumers use coffee machine accessories, they can touch to inquire about the detailed information of the product, and at the same time conduct anti-counterfeiting verification inquiries on the mobile APP or cloud platform to identify the authenticity of the accessories. Through the system query, you can know the authenticity of the coffee machine. If it is a genuine licensed product, there is after-sales warranty information in the system. Most of the low-priced machines sold on the e-commerce platform do not have after-sales warranty, and some are also the seller's own commitment, because Without machine information, after-sales maintenance outlets do not provide free maintenance services.
The anti-counterfeiting technology is combined with the anti-smuggling system. When consumers scan the code to check the authenticity, the brand manufacturer can judge the sales area of ​​coffee machine accessories according to the place where the consumer scans the code, and supervise the management of logistics and transportation and after-sales maintenance management.
2. Program introduction:
NFC anti-counterfeiting query system is a new generation of IoT anti-counterfeiting third-party platform integrating cloud computing, cloud storage, NFC and mobile Internet. The NFC anti-counterfeiting query system is mainly composed of 4 parts: NFC anti-counterfeiting label, NFC reader (NFC mobile phone), data center, and mobile APP. After years of NFC technology accumulation, research and development, and production, Shenzhen Core IoT Technology has accumulated rich experience in the production of NFC products. Core IoT can provide anti-counterfeiting verification solutions for NFC coffee machine accessories, as follows:
1. NFC anti-counterfeiting labels, each label has a global chip serial number, which cannot be copied. The NFC anti-counterfeiting label is attached to the seal or the back of the coffee machine and accessory box, and the anti-transfer and fragile NFC label can also be customized; the counterfeit label has the characteristics of non-reusable, difficult to imitate, easy to identify, and non-copyable.
2. NFC reader chip, which can provide a reader chip, which is integrated into the coffee machine when the coffee machine is produced. When consumers buy accessories and consumables, they can directly verify the authenticity of the coffee machine, coffee machine and accessories. The customer of the consumable manufacturer can log in the PC terminal to operate the background, connect the NFC read-write chip, and write the relevant information of the product into the NFC anti-counterfeiting label;
3. The data center stores various information of coffee machine accessories. When checking the authenticity of the product through the mobile phone APP, the product information in the NFC anti-counterfeiting label can be read;
4. Mobile APP or cloud platform, as a channel connecting the data center and NFC anti-counterfeiting labels, gives end consumers a new anti-counterfeiting query experience: mobile phones (mobile phones with NFC function) open the customized NFC anti-counterfeiting query APP or cloud platform, connect Internet, touch the coffee machine with NFC anti-counterfeiting label, you can immediately know the authenticity of the product.
3. Advantages of the program:
1. Technical advantages: With core IoT, which has been deeply involved in the NFC field for many years, has a high technical level and rich industry experience, and can quickly provide customers with high-quality solutions;
2. Cost advantage: Due to its involvement in the entire NFC industry chain such as RFID NFC product R&D and production, IOT has high cost control capabilities and can provide customers with cost-effective customized NFC tags, reader chips and other hardware products and services.
4, the program value:
1. Quickly verify the authenticity of coffee machine accessories, combat imitation and counterfeiting, improve customer experience, and protect the brand rights of coffee machine accessories and consumables manufacturers;
2. Anti-smuggling, effective traceability supervision, etc.