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High frequency tag

Goods and personnel management, anti-counterfeiting traceability management

UHF tags

Supply chain and production line, air parcel management

Special \ low frequency label

Animal husbandry and automobile anti-theft, hotel entrance guard management

Anti-metal\fragile label

Assets\production line\power industry, anti-theft for anti-tampering


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Shenzhen YX IOT Technology Co., Ltd. provides RFID series solutions, including hardware, software, service and support. Support customers in logistics, industrial automation, retail and vehicle identification applications. The possibility of providing all the required components and tools from one source allows us to give our customers the most powerful solutions. From tracking and tracking visualization to seamless integration of any type of identification technology—including solutions such as barcode readers, active RFID systems, and wide area network technologies—we combine the most appropriate functions with the interfaces of various ERP systems. First-class service and customer-oriented support make our investment portfolio more perfect. We provide RF simulation, application support, software integration and implementation, and operation and maintenance-all from a single source ...
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  • Analysis of RFID smart asset management solutionsAnalysis of RFID smart asset management solutions


    SZYXIOT RFID asset management label (manufacturer recommended: RFID ultra-high frequency flexible anti-metal label), with RFID ultra-high frequency handheld phone, RFID intelligent inventory system, can realize the tracking of fixed assets i...

  • NFC chip stickers help smartwatch health monitoring under theNFC chip stickers help smartwatch health monitoring under the


    As a smartwatch NFC chip paste accessories manufacturer, SZYXIOT NFC chip paste, NFC anti-metal label, micro FPC anti-metal label, NFC sticker label and various types of RFID consumer electronics label products model complete, diverse appear...

  • What are the advantages of NFC tags for tea anti-counterfeitiWhat are the advantages of NFC tags for tea anti-counterfeiti


    In view of the current anti-counterfeiting status of tea manufacturers, SZYXIOT has created an anti-counterfeiting solution based on NFC technology for tea manufacturers to ensure that each box of tea has a unique "ID card" --- NFC anti-coun...

  • NFC tag manufacturer SZYXIOT analyzes the anti-counterfeitingNFC tag manufacturer SZYXIOT analyzes the anti-counterfeiting


    The emergence of NFC electric toothbrushes and anti-counterfeiting labels for consumables can effectively prevent counterfeiting, traceability, supervision, anti-smuggling, and anti-tampering products, and improve consumer experience. So wha...

  • Do you know about NFC smart bracelet tags? NFC tag manufacturDo you know about NFC smart bracelet tags? NFC tag manufactur


    NFC smart watch is a popular electronic product in recent years. With the rapid development of smart wearable devices such as smart phones and watches, cashless payment has become a daily application in many people's lives, and it has also p...

  • 618 in 2022 | NFC anti-counterfeiting labels and NFC smart wa618 in 2022 | NFC anti-counterfeiting labels and NFC smart wa


    The annual 618 mid-year stocking season is coming to an end. I believe that everyone has bought their favorite products in multiple rounds of promotions. Today, let's take stock of the popular applications of NFC tags during SZYXIOT 2022 618...